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Linde MH Leads the Way withHydrogen Technology for Forklifts

Linde Material Handling (Linde MH), a leading manufacturer of forklift trucks, has taken a groundbreaking step in the transition to sustainable energy. The company has started producing hydrogen itself for its forklift fleet in Aschaffenburg, Germany. This initiative marks an important turning point in the use of green energy in the logistics sector.

The Rise of Hydrogen in Logistics
Linde MH has invested approximately 2.8 million euros in the construction of an electrolyser that can produce 50 kg of hydrogen per day. This is used to power their fleet of 21 electric forklift trucks, equipped with fuel cells.
The electrolyser is powered by renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind energy, which ensures sustainable production of hydrogen on the Linde MH site.

Advantages of Hydrogen Forklifts
Hydrogen forklifts offer several advantages, including higher efficiency and reduced environmental impact, compared to traditional forklifts with combustion engines.
Linde MH emphasizes that hydrogen forklifts are economically viable, especially if companies have access to local hydrogen infrastructure.

Long Term Vision of Linde MH
Stefan Prokosch, Senior Vice President Brand Management at Linde MH, talks about expanding the company’s technological know-how by becoming both a producer and user of hydrogen.
Linde MH has been committed to developing hydrogen technology for forklifts for more than twenty years, striving for a greener future in the logistics sector.
Linde MH’s hydrogen fleet consists of twelve Linde E50s and nine Linde E35s, which replace the traditional models with combustion engines.
These forklifts are used for crucial logistics tasks such as loading and unloading trucks and supplying assembly lines.

The Future of Hydrogen in Industry
The application of hydrogen technology in industry offers great potential, but also faces challenges such as infrastructure development and cost control.

Collaboration between companies, governments and research institutes is essential for further development.
The use of hydrogen as a fuel contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the logistics sector.
This initiative by Linde MH can serve as an example for other companies to switch to green energy. Linde MH shows leadership and vision in the industry by being one of the first major players to fully focus on hydrogen technology.

Linde MH’s initiative to run its forklift fleet on its own hydrogen is an important step towards a more sustainable and efficient future. It not only sets the tone for the industry, but also promotes the development of green technologies and a more environmentally friendly logistics sector.

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